Chronic Fatigue-Press These Points On Your Body To Never Feel Tired Or Sick Again

Chronic fatigue is a medical disorder that is extremely contested because it is characterized by complicated and extreme tiredness which cannot be explained by any related medical condition.

The most troubling feature:

Rest in general does not improve the situation. As there is currently no known cause of chronic fatigue, it is suspected to be a condition caused by a combination of factors. Such as hormonal imbalance, problems with the immune system, and viral infections.

Using Meridian Lines to treat Chronic Exhaustion

Meridian lines first originated in ancient Chinese medicine. Qi (Chee) energy flows through the meridian lines coordinator referred to as “energy pathways”. Meridians can be mapped and they span all over the whole human body. They flow into the body and correspond to particular acupuncture points along its path.

The ACOS says, the “meridian” demystifies the whole energy distribution system and, “assists us to understand how basic substances of the body (Blood, Qi, and body fluids) are transported all over the entire body.”

These meridian lines are located on the power distribution network of powerful manifestations. It is no coincidence that this ancient Chinese healing practice has been considered by many to treat their chronic tiredness.

Tiredness and the Triple Warmer

Energy lines found at the back of the ear (a.k.a Tripple Burner Meridian/Tripple Warmer) according to the Ancient Chinese Medicine of meridian lines has a direct correlation with chronic exhaustion and depression. There is completely no single organ for the energy lines, instead, this triple warmer has a link to all the organs and it controls the interaction between the hormonal distribution system and the hormonal glands.

The name “triple warmer” is as a result of the matrimony in the mind, spirit and heat system of the body. That way, it works to regulate heat channels and water throughout the body. If the triple warmer gets over-energized, it will begin to draw energy from the immune system to attack the body thereby causing chronic fatigue syndrome.

One option will be to find a specialist to calm the triple warmer, but making it subside can be done from the comfort of your home.

Whenever you feel drained, pulled, or fatigued, use these self-help energy methods to relax the triple warmer meridian.

Option One:
  • Place your left fingers beneath your left knee. Place your right fingers on the left elbow at the same time. You will start feeling your pulse in both places.
  • If you hold these places when held long enough, you will see that both pulses will gradually synchronize. This will tell you that both points have been held long enough. Just hold for a couple of minutes if you cannot sense the pulse.
  • Repeat the same exercise on your body’s right side (left hand placed on the right elbow, right hand below right knee) and hold again for up to two minutes or until pulses are synchronized.

Option Two:

  • Place your left fingers on the end of the toe of the baby’s left leg. Also, hold the fingers on the right hand at the point between the base knuckles of the left side, between the ring and little finger. You might again feel pulses in both points. Sustain for up to 2 minutes or until the pulses beat in a synchronized manner.
  • Do this exercise again with the other part of your body. Left hands at the base knuckles of the right hand, right hand at right baby toe.

Chronic Fatigue-Press These Points On Your Body To Never Feel Tired Or Sick Again

You can treat chronic tiredness using meridian lines. However, it is imperative to examine your habits and lifestyle and endeavor to locate the source. Do not continue to over labor your body as well as your spirit.