8 Things That Will Happen To Your Body After Eating Two Eggs A Day

People have always consumed eggs since time immemorial. The eggs of chicken are unique in numerous ways. According to studies, the daily dose is about 2-3.

The human brain is protected by Choline:

The body is provided with the required quantity of phospholipids vitamins which make up the brain when 2 eggs are consumed per day. A lack of this vitamin results in loss of memory.

You begin to lose weight:

According to a study in the United States, when you consume chicken for breakfast, you will get only a little amount of calories; this will enable you to lose excess fat. When you eat eggs for breakfast, you will feel full for an extended period of time and this will reduce overall the quantity of food you consume.

Slow down the aging process:

According to a research done in the Netherlands, about 87% of women between the ages of 35 and 40 saw a reduction in skin blemishes and wrinkles.

Calcium absorption is stimulated by Vitamin D:

People prefer to eat 1 boiled egg rather than consume one spoon of fish oil. When the chickens are fed with special scientifically prepared accessories, the vitamin D content in their eggs is increased. Vitamin D improves absorption of calcium and strengthens the bones and teeth.

Helps in Conception:

Vitamin B is very important in the formation of sex hormones. Vitamin B9 aids the formation of red blood cells and neural tube which reduces the risk of mental derangement. One egg contains 7 micrograms of vitamin B9.

Vitamin B complex protects the skin, liver, and hair:

Phospholipids contained in eggs stimulate the elimination of toxin from the biotin and liver. Vitamin B12 is essential for strengthening the hair and skin.

Reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease:

Phosphatides, a cholesterol found in eggs is not bad for the health; it rather reduces the production of cholesterol in the body. Chicken eggs contain high quantity of omega 3 fatty acids which reduce triglycerides in the blood and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

8 Things That Will Happen To Your Body After Eating Two Eggs A Day!

The eyes are protected by lutein:

According to the latest research, the eggs of chickens are rich in lutein which plays a key role in clear and sharp vision. Deficiency in lutein causes harmful problems and reduces vision.