This Banana Drink Will Help You Burn Your Stomach Fat Immediately

BURN-STOMACH banana drink

Even when you are on a diet you can eat bananas, since they only contain ingredients which are good for your body, like potassium and you can start losing fat from your organism.

Bananas are really helpful in improving your metabolism, especially when combined with flax seed, or spinach.

If you want your stomach fat gone forever you need to prepare this tasty banana drink which has proven to be really successful.

This Banana Drink Will Help You Burn Your Stomach Fat Immediately

What you need:

  • A banana
  • An orange
  • ½ a cup of fat-free yogurt
  • 1 tbsp. of ginger powder
  • 2 tbsp. of flax seeds
  • 2 tbsp. of whey powder

How to make it:

You need to mix all of the ingredients together with a blender. First, try to grind the flax seeds with a food processor and then add them in the blender. This drink will help you lose weight and it also tastes great.

Banana Drink Will Help You Burn Your Stomach Fat Immediately

Try to drink this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach, since this way you will provide your body with more energy and improve your everyday mood.

The Perfect Breakfast Combination: It Melts Belly Fat, Reduces Cholesterol and Regulates Blood Sugar


Do you know that the most important meal is breakfast? The reason is that your energy is boosted by this meal, you can burn more calories during the day and your concentration will be improved. Surprisingly, some individuals either ignore their breakfast or use coffee as a substitute.

Many studies have found a correlation between breakfast and improved memory, and a reduction in the risk of high cholesterol, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and also diabetes. Increased food cravings and a disruption in the proper function of the body will occur if you skip breakfast.

So, our blood sugar level is usually low when we wake up in the morning; hence, our body needs breakfast to help replenish it.

Avoiding morning breakfast can cause you to eat more food in the day. For this reason, we have provided you will an awesome recipe for breakfast. Apart from being very tasty, it is very good for the health.

It combines healthy ingredients to eliminate calories, burn belly fat, and regulate the cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood. Chia seeds and oat are needed to prepare this meal. They are both vital for persons who suffer from the health problems earlier mentioned.

Let us learn more about the health benefits of oatmeal and chia seeds.


This contains a soluble fiber that has the potency to eliminate bad cholesterol. This fiber is known as beta-glucan. Regular consumption of oatmeal helps improve cardiovascular health. Oats contain thiamine, selenium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese. One cup of cooked oatmeal contains 4 grams of fiber, 6 grams of proteins, and 150 calories.

Chia Seeds:

These are rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. They have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and are very good for the circulatory system.

An ounce of chia seeds contains 30% manganese, 18% calcium 27% phosphorus, and little quantity of copper and potassium. Many research shows that chia seeds are effective in the treatment of diabetes, diverticulosis, and arthritis.

Required ingredients:

  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1 cup of oats
  • 4 tablespoons of chia seed
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 tbsp of honey
  • 2 cups of water


Pour the water into a pot and then add vanilla and cinnamon. Reduce the heat as it starts boiling. Add the oats and let it boil for up to five minutes.

The Perfect Breakfast Combination: It Melts Belly Fat, Reduces Cholesterol and Regulates Blood Sugar

Remove from heat and allow it covered for about five minutes and stir properly. Add the honey, salt, and chia seeds. Breakfast is ready to serve.

Keto Shopping List With the Carb Count For Every Food

Keto Shopping List

If you intend to consume a ketogenic diet, you may be looking for advice on what food to eat. This article aims to furnish you with a shopping list with the best ketogenic food (Keto Shopping List).

You can clearly see the net carbs and carbohydrate content listed for each food. This will help you plan for exactly how many carbohydrates you will consume.

As a general rule, the maximum to maintain in ketosis is about 50g of carbs per day.

Keto Shopping List:

You will find below some lists with the best ketogenic foods together with the quantity of carbs they contain. The list covers more than 10 different categories and they include:

  • Vegetables
  • Poultry
  • Meat
  • Diary
  • Nuts
  • Sea Food
  • Fruit
  • Fats and Oil
  • Seeds
  • Everything else like condiments, snacks, and sauces
The Carb Count:
  • The carb count for all keto foods is per 100g.
  • The overall amount of carb in the food is referred to as ‘Total carb’

‘Net carb’ refers to the quantity of non-fiber carbohydrate in the food i.e. the digestible carbohydrates.  Some meals can have very low net carbs but high carbohydrate e.g. cacao.

Keto Fruits List:

If you are observing your total carb intake, you are free to consume any fruit you want when you are on a ketogenic diet. It is, however, better to concentrate on lower sugar, nutrient-dense fruits which have the lowest carbohydrate content.

When arranging your keto shopping list, one of the main things to consider is that not all carbs are unhealthy. A better way of thinking is to observe carb quality. Brown rice, for instance, has about 73g net carbohydrate and it has low nutrients. Berries, olives, and avocado, on the other hand, contain a few carb and a variety of nutrients.

Dairy Keto Foods:

Almost all dairy food is a perfect selection for a keto diet. Be cautious to buy a genuine diary. This means that a yogurt that contains chocolate rings and added sugar will not be helpful to the health. Although full-fat milk is a very healthy food, there is up to 5g of milk sugar (lactose) in every 100ml.

Armed with this knowledge, do not drink excess milk if you want a ketogenic diet. A big glass of milk, for instance, will be close to half of your daily carb limit. One of the best things you can eat on keto is full-fat dairy foods.

Keto Meats:

There are no limitations on the kind of meat to consume on a ketogenic diet, so anything can be added to your keto shopping list. The exception is this case would be for processed meats that contain marinade or sugar.

Red meat is king when it has to do with nutrients and organic grass-fed meat is awesome if you can source it. This reason for this is that it has a little more useful nutrient profile and higher quantities of conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3.

If you are on a tight budget, however, do not bother about the type of meat, any kind of meat is better than none at all.

Nuts for a ketogenic diet:

There are lots of nuts to select from, and not all of them have low carb content. Some nuts like cashew nut have high carbohydrate content.  That being said, nuts are very healthy and they can be added to the keto shopping list. A disadvantage is that they are very dense in energy; 100g of nuts can contain up to 700 calories. Armed with this knowledge, do not consume an excess of nuts. A little quantity is just fine. Nuts contain lots of vital minerals and vitamins and they taste awesome.

Keto Oils and Fats:

The first thing to remember concerning fats and oils is that a ketogenic food is not necessarily a healthy food. Some of the unwholesome foods in the world are ketogenic by nature. For example, partially hydrogenated trans-fats and soybean oil have been linked to cardiovascular diseases and cancer. These foods are ketogenic; so it is not only about the number of carbs but the nutrient and food quality.

Avocado oil and ghee are also excellent food choices but expensive to buy. Industrial vegetable oil, trans fats, and margarine are some of the very important meals to avoid when you are on a ketogenic diet.

Keto Seeds:

Seeds are awesome; they contain a significant amount of fat and a high quantity of carbohydrate. Most of the carbs are from non-digestible and fiber.

Do you feel like you need to add seeds to your keto shopping list? They are wholesome foods that can help you meet your nutrient requirements, they are however optional.

Poultry (and Eggs) for a Ketogenic Diet

Although poultry does not contain as much nutrient as red meat, it contains lots of useful nutrients and it has no carb content. An exception, of course, is fried chicken as it is not good for health and is not ketogenic. Eggs are the most nutritious in the world. Another consistent player in your ketogenic diet shopping list is poultry and I prefer eating it once or twice every week.

Eggs have lots of usefulness and do not worry about their cholesterol content. Dietary cholesterol is much different from plasma cholesterol – the quantity in the blood, and it is no longer a cause for concern.

Keto Seafood:

There are all manner of different shellfish and fish that are good examples of ketogenic foods

There are all kinds of different fish and shellfish that are perfect ketogenic foods.

Fish: Fishes are low in mercury and they contain a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids.

Shellfish and other seafood: Shellfish and other creatures, unlike fish, contain carbohydrates in small amounts. Shellfish contain lots of nutrients and they are one of the wholesome foods you can eat.

Keto Vegetables:

There are very many vegetables which are suitable for a keto shopping list. Zucchini is one name that readily comes to mind, especially because it is the base vegetable for zoodles.

On a general note, it is better to lay emphasis on leafy greens as they contain small amounts of carbohydrate. Also, leafy greens are very rich in nutrients, particular foods such as seaweed and spinach.

Although starchy vegetables such as potatoes and sweet potatoes provide useful nutrients, they just contain too much carbohydrate for a ketogenic diet.

In a general sense, many vegetables contain a low quantity of net carbohydrate and are good for a keto shopping list. If you want to remain in ketosis, restrict the quantity of veggies high carbs such as onions and carrot.

Keto Condiments/Snacks/Sauces:

As lots of these foods are commercial products, bear in mind that their nutritional value may differ depending on the brand. They are still wholesome foods for your keto grocery list provided you read their labels to confirm the ingredients. Though it is true that many of these foods are processed, they can still be classified as clean foods.

Conversely, some dark chocolate brands and peanut butter add harmful additives to their products. So again, be cautious to peruse the label for ingredients if it is a brand you do not know well.

Beef jerky does not contain carbohydrates so long as you purchase a quality product – seek for added seasoning with 100% beef. The rest of the foods are suitable for a ketogenic diet when they are served in their standard sizes.