The Location of Your Acne Shows the Disease You Are Suffering from

Did you know that the area of your face or body where you have been noticing acne outbreaks the most may actually indicate some internal problem? Also known as facial mapping, this method is the ideal way to determine the possible root cause of your acne. This technique is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine whose practitioners claim that there are specific areas of the body that are linked with the major organs. Remember, our skin is a mirror of our health so make sure you pay enough attention to it.

To learn more about whether your acne is a result of a poor liver function or hormonal imbalances, continue reading this article!

Acne Face Map

1st area

This refers to the chin and neck area and having acne and pimple outbreaks in this zone may be a symptom of excessive stress, some adrenal gland problem, or high intake of soda drinks and sugar.

2nd & 3rd area

This stands for pimples on the shoulders and having outbreaks in this part of the body may be a result of too much stress and poor immunity. You should find adequate ways to cope with the stress in your life like meditation or breathing techniques.

4rd area

This is the chest zone and having acnes in this part of the body may be a consequence of high amounts of junk food and poor digestion. To resolve this, try to eat more whole and organic foods.

5th & 6th area

Having acne on the arms may be an indicator of lack of vitamins. To better your health, enrich your diet with different types of veggies and fruits. Avoid the supplement versions.

7th area

Having acne in the stomach usually, develop as a result of high levels of blood sugar. To address this issue, lower the intake of artificial sugar and bread and up the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

8th area

Having acne in the lower abdomen may be a consequence of poor hygiene.

9th & 10th area

Having acne on the upper legs and hips may be a symptom of some allergy to cosmetic products or laundry detergents. Sometimes, having acne in the lower legs may develop as a consequence of shaving or waxing, so make sure they are always clean before using them.

11th & 12th area

Having acne in the back and upper part of the back may develop as a result of high amount of calories consumed, as well as a sign of poor sleep and mental overload.


13th & 14th area

Acne on the buttocks may appear as a result of indigestion or an unhealthy diet. Make adequate changes in your nutrition so that you improve your condition.