5 Things You Should Avoid After Eating – Number 3 Is Very Harmful To Health

After eating, people have a tendency to watch a movie in a lying position. Little do they know that this is unhealthy and terrible for their health.

5 Things You Should Avoid After Eating – Number 3 Is Very Harmful To Health

Do not do any of these things after having a lunch or dinner:

  1. Eat Fruits:

People should only consume fruit on an empty stomach before eating. This is because fruits need different enzymes to digest it. The sugars in fruits require more time to absorb completely. When the stomach is empty, it gets the best benefits from all the fiber, nutrient, and other sugars. Eating fruits at the wrong time leads to burping, heartburn, and indigestion.

  1. Smoking:

Even with the knowledge that smoking is dangerous to health, people still smoke and they do so after eating. Wait for a few hours after eating before lighting that cigarette because they have nicotine in them which can react with the excess oxygen required for digestion. According to some studies, smoking after the meal has the same effect as smoking 10 cigarettes all at ones. This increases the risk of lung and bowel cancer.

  1. Shower:

Blood flow in the hands and legs can be increased if you take your shower immediately after a meal. This will weaken the digestive system and result in stomach pain.

  1. Drink Tea

After having dinner, do not drink tea. This is because it may interfere with the absorption of iron. The tea contains tannic acid which reacts with the protein and iron in our food.  In many cases, this brings about 87% reduction in the absorption of iron. Poor appetite, pale skin, cold feet and hands, chest pain, extreme fatigue, weakness, and dizziness are a result of a deficiency in iron.

What You Should Avoid After Eating Number 3 Is Very Harmful To Health

  1. Sleep

If you go to bed immediately after a meal, you will experience swelling discomfort and other sleeping patterns. This is because it can cause the stomach to burn at night. According to Medical Scholl University, people who wait for a long period after eating before going to bed have lesser chances of having a stroke.

These are the things you should avoid immediately after eating; allow ample time in between drinking tea, eating fruit, or lying down.