10 Fascinating & Incredibly Rare Body Features You Probably Don’t Possess

Are you aware of the fact that a human adult is made of 7 octillion atoms? There are a lot of rare body features in our bodies that we don’t know and they can be fascinating and weird at the same time.

Most of our body features are in common for all people, however, there’s a handful of those which are really rare and only a few people possess them.


  1. Differently colored eyes

This is a condition known as Chimerism and it usually signifies that you hold an extra set of DNA and it can eventually lead to Mosaic skin or heterochromia-different eye colors. This condition is not harmful in any way.

  1. Rh Null blood type

This blood type is rare because it doesn’t contain any antigens and it is really great since everyone can receive this blood type and its healing properties are on a higher level than others. Only 40 people in the world possess this blood type and just 9 of those are active blood donors.

  1. Palmaris longus

Long palm muscles or palmaris longus is the muscle which helped our ancestors climb trees. We don’t use this muscle anymore, however, there are people who have it.

  1. DEC2 gene which allows people to work more and sleepless

This gene allows people to go through a shorter sleep cycle than others and a lot of famous people like Margaret Thatcher, Nicola Tesla, and Winston Churchill used this gene to achieve greatness.

  1. LRP5 gene mutation which gives denser bones

This gene makes you become a superhuman since it makes your bones really strong and difficult to break and in addition, your skin is less prone to aging. However, this condition signifies that the person with it will have issues at an older age with joint replacement.

  1. An extra hole near your ear

This is a proof that all living creatures had gills once. There are only 5 % of people in the world who have this condition. This extra hole doesn’t have any use and it’s not harmful.

  1. An extra rib close to your neck

This condition is more common in women and it can be spotted near the cervical spinal region. This rib can be different in size and it can become a nuisance only if it starts growing. Otherwise, it is just an extra bone in your body.

  1. PCSK9 Deficiency

Everyone has these proproteins in their body. However, there is a small number of people who have it in a smaller amount. This deficiency lowers the risk of heart disease by 90 % and it gives you the opportunity not to worry about problems with cholesterol.

  1. The ability to see more colors-Tetrachromacy

People are usually trichromats. There is, however, a number of people who possess an extra cone cell which identifies the color. This is why the world appears more vivid to tetrachromats.

There are a lot of rare body features in our bodies that we don’t know and they can be fascinating and weird at the same time.

  1. Two layers of eyelashes

Distichiasis or two pair of lashes is not a dangerous condition. This only means you have 2 pairs of eyelashes which can give you nice looking eyes like Elizabeth Taylor.